Top 10 Best Cat Litter Boxes for 2021

In our list of the best cat litter boxes, we have taken into consideration cat litter boxes that can accommodate one cat to multiple cats, cat litter boxes that regulate smells and even those that clean themselves automatically. Here are the top 10 best cat litter boxes for 2020.

10. Booda Dome

This model is perfect for smaller cats. It is designed in a dome shape. This shape and the charcoal filter are intentional as they help to keep odors within the litter box. It’s a great choice for people living in flats, apartments, or houses with limited space.

9. Omega Paw Roll

Anything that makes our lives easier will always be a good thing in our opinion. This is exactly what the Omega Paw Roll does. You are not required to do any scooping at all. The side roll and patented grill will do all the dirty separation for you.

8. Booda Dome Cleanstep

This dome shaped litter box provides your cat with the privacy it needs when it’s time to do business. The highly affordable model boasts a unique design that also enables any smells to be kept within the dome. A further advantage is that it is easy to clean thanks to the plastic that it is made out of.

7. PetSafe Simply Clean

This is one of those automated self-cleaning litter boxes. The system that cleans the box isn’t noisy at all and won’t scare your cat away. The inside can be lined easily with recycled bags making things easier for you.

6. ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter Box

This litter box’s name literally gives it away. It is self-regulated and self-cleaning. There is no need on your part to do any scooping or cleaning with this convenient model. The best part about the ScoopFree is that it comes complete with an odor sealing cover, so you never have to worry about any smells around the house.

5. Petmate Deluxe Hooded

When you think, ‘cat litter box’ this model is probably what comes to mind. It’s such a practical shape, easy to carry and move around, and clean as well.

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The Petmate Deluxe Hooded can be used by all manner of cats regardless of their size. The design is quite roomy and spacious. Its Microban antimicrobial features boost its hygiene levels significantly.

4. Top Entry Litter Pan

The Top Entry Litter Pan is perfect for cats that have a tendency to be on the messier side of life. This 4.2 pound litter box is great in that it keeps dogs out if you happen to share space with both a cat and dog.

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The hinge on the lid makes it easier to open and close when it’s time to clean up. If you have a large cat and are worried about the size of the opening, then you need to stop worrying. The opening has been made wide enough to accommodate any sized cat.

3. CatGenie Cat Box

This litter box looks like a mini human toilet. It is also automatic which means that it automatically cleans itself without you needing to do anything. The advantage is that up to 3 cats can share the box. The downside being it is a very heavy litter box to move around at 34.2 pounds and is also very expensive.

2. Good Pet Stuff Plant

This innovative litter box works best if you are short of space and need to put your litter box in a more public space. It looks like a clay pot with a plant growing from it so you can always play it up and use it as an accessory in the room it is in.

1. Nature’s Miracle Litter Box (P-82035)

This litter box is probably as simple as they come. Its high sides prevent litter being scattered everywhere, but the lack of an odor regulator and a cover mean that this litter box is best placed in a part of the house that isn’t frequented often. The back of the house is a good place for this open-ended litter box.