Top 10 Best Cat Breeds to Own for 2019

Cats are notoriously prickly creatures, which causes some would be owners to become reticent. However, there are a number of quality cat breeds that are suited for your personality type. Read on to learn more about the best car breeds to own, so that you can make a properly informed decision. Here are the best cat breeds to own for 2019.

8Exotic Shorthair

The exotic shorthair exists as the shorter haired counterpart to the aforementioned Persian. Their rounded ears and squashed faces give them a teddy bear like appearance and while they can be very lively, they are also very laid back.

If you are considering owning a Persian and do not have the time to dedicate to their grooming process, the exotic shorthair provides you with a viable alternative. They are able to handle spending time around children and are okay with other pets on a case by case basis.