Top 10 Best Cat Breeds to Own for 2019

Cats are notoriously prickly creatures, which causes some would be owners to become reticent. However, there are a number of quality cat breeds that are suited for your personality type. Read on to learn more about the best car breeds to own, so that you can make a properly informed decision. Here are the best cat breeds to own for 2019.

9Maine Coon

This cat breed is native to Maine and they have since migrated all over the planet, beloved for their thick, waterproof fur and snow shoe paws.

Their temperament makes them well suited for ownership and for those who live in areas where there is a prevalent mouse population, the Maine coon is more is pleased to run them down for you.

They get along very well with small children and if you are also planning on owning a dog in addition to your Maine coon, they will get along famously.