Top 10 Cutest Cat Breeds to Own For 2019

As any animal lover can tell you, cats are some of the most adorable creatures that have ever walked the face of the planet. While they might be difficult from time to time, they are also affectionate, playful and fun to be with. They are a favorite pet for a number of reasons and their cuteness is chief among the list. Here are the top voted cutest cat breeds for 2019.


Many of us remember the adorable Himalayan who portrayed Sassy in the classic film Homeward Bound and these cats are every bit as intelligent and cheeky as she was.

Their large, round eyes give them a very innocent facial expression and you will have a hard time saying no to the pitiful faces that they have been known to make. While their short legs keep them from climbing and jumping like their larger counterparts, they are good natured pets who you will enjoy having in your home.