The Top 10 Best Cats For Kids

Finding the perfect feline for your household can be a tall order, especially for those who have their children’s needs to consider. If you are in search of a family friendly breed to spend time with your little ones, be sure to read on and learn more about the best cats for kids. Selecting the right breed for your kids is a major responsibility that all parents should take seriously.

9American Shorthair

A good looking breed with a history of strong health and a vibrant personality, these cats make wonderful friends for your little ones and are a great playmate. They are instinctively gentle with children and will never roughhouse in an overt manner. They are amiable to the presence of children, as well as any other pets in your household, due to their gentle demeanor. Just be sure to give them regular grooming, so that any excess fur can be removed from their undercoating.