Top 10 Best Cat Treats for 2017

While cats are typically used to a wide variety of food when they exist in the wild, they do not tend to receive the same level of access to great treats once they have been adopted by humans. Fortunately, pet parents can start to make the right choices for their felines by stocking the house with the best cat treats.

Trying out a new pet treat can be a very risk proposition for those who are not careful. If your feline friend has been stuck in a rut when it comes to their snacking, be sure to read on and learn more about the ten best cat treats, so that you can spice up their life (and their meals).

10Purebites Cat Treats


Purebites Cat Treats are served raw and created with completely natural ingredients that are sourced from a number of different parts of the United States. Cats tend to love these treats, as they come in a wide range of flavor varieties that allow them the chance to enjoy all of their favorites. Owners can choose from shrimp, chicken, turkey, fish and beef flavors.